VegNews Giveaway Winners

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Following are the winners of the VegNews Daily Giveaways. Don’t see your name? Don’t despair! Visit each day, answer our fun giveaway question, and you, too, could be basking in veggie swag. If you do see your name, we’re waiting to hear from you at Email us your address, and we’ll have your goodies shipped pronto!

One Dozen Cowvin Cookies
What’s your favorite cookie combination?
Melisser: “Ooh! My favorite cookies are Snickerdoodle, just like Mom used to make, but vegan, of course!”

Liz Lovely Cookie Package
How did you spend your Thanksgiving weekend?
Mandy: “Spending time with family; eating, watching movies, and catching up!”

Signed Robin Robertson Collection
Who’s your cooking guru?
Sue: “Adam Sobel is my vegan cooking guru. From his raw food to delicious vegan donuts, Adam really expresses his love for all life through his food.”

Truffle Tower by Bête Noire
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Alex: “Bagels with (lots of) avocado and baked tofu. Honourable mentions for my Moroccan couscous with tempeh, ras el hanout and date chutney, and vegan chocolate and coconut cake.”

Sterling Silver Bracelet by Snooty Jewelry
What’s the one piece of jewelry you can’t live without?
Yu Chyi: “The necklace my husband gave me on the day our daughter was born.”

Organic Almond Butter Cups by Sjaak’s
What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?
Rob: “Yellow split pea soup, blossoming lotus cornbread, seitan cutlets, chickpea cutlets, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted broccoli, apple cranberry crisp.”

Signed Sarah Kramer Cookbook Collection
What veggie cookbook can’t you live without?
Cassandra: “I love the New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook (sans the honey, natch). The recipes are simple and easy to follow and they don’t contain a bunch of convenience foods. My copy has been loved so much that it’s being held together with binder clips!”

$75 Vegetarian Shoes and Bags Shopping Spree
Where is your favorite place to shop for animal-free shoes?
Jody: “I’m not sure I have a favorite. I’ve ordered from Zappos, VeganEssentials, and VegetarianShoes online. Out and about, vegan shoes can be found at many stores if you read labels.”

Organic Peanut Butter Cups by Sjaak’s
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Liz: “Oatmeal with bananas, home-grown raspberries, and rice milk.”

Vegan Chocolate Box by Endangered Species
What is your favorite chocolate-based dessert?
Kelly: “Warm triple fudge cake. Gooey goodness!”

$75 Pangea Shopping Spree
What vegan product can’t you live without?
Joan: “Dark chocolate and peanut butter and sometimes melted in oatmeal.”

Boston Baked Bonz Pooch Package
Do you think dogs can be vegetarian?
Shirley: “Yes I believe dogs could be vegetarian with the proper care. If they have the right food, snacks and vitamins they will do great. =)”

$100 Alternative Outfitters Shopping Spree
Where do you enjoy shopping most?
Tamara: “I do a lot of my shopping online at places like Vegan Essentials. Also love Trader Joe’s!”

Skinny Bitch Signed Collection
What’s your favorite way to spread the veg message?
Christy: “As of this month, I’ve been veggie for 20 years! Woohoo! When I’m out running errands, people see my car plastered with vegan stickers and my personalized pro-veg license plates, or one of my veggie t-shirts or buttons that I wear.”

A Scent of Scandal Collection
What candle scent do you enjoy most?
Kris: “My top three Scent of Scandal Candles: 1) Sugar Daddy - Brown Sugar 2) Rough Patch - Pumpkin 3) Original Sin - Fig Leaf. I’ve never smelled ANYTHING like them.”

One Dozen Little Devils
What should be the name of Obama’s new pooch?
Laura: “Hank”

LUSH Vegan Spa Package
What personal-care or bath product can’t you live without?
Becca: “I swear by Alba’s Shampoo!”

Compassionate Cooks Package
What’s your favorite weeknight meal?
Susan: “Black bean enchiladas.”

Ultimate Marshmallow Package
What’s your favorite way to eat marshmallows?
Rachel: “I add vegan marshmallows to my homemade vegan “smores” chocolate ice cream! Delicious & rich without dairy!”

Crispy Cat Candy Bars
Who do you think should become the country’s 44th president?

What condiment can’t you live without?
Edie: “My favorite condiment is gomasio. Makes a salad and veggies!!”

VegNews Gift Pack
What’s your favorite way to relax on the weekends?
Lindsey: “Sleep in and bake desserts. So, be lazy and get fat. ;)”

Vega Health Package
How are you celebrating World Vegan Day?
Becca: “I’ll be celebrating by eating delicious vegan food like usual, because every day should be world vegan day.”

Vegan Essentials Shopping Spree
How would you spend your Vegan Essentials gift certificate?
Julie: “Ricemellow Creme and those wonderful-looking hemp hiking boots!”

Allison’s Gourmet Fudge
What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate?
Emily: “Dark, dark, dark. Less sugar the better. Essentially intravenously.”

Sticky Fingers Goodie Box
What’s your favorite all-time vegan dessert?
Karen: “I had vegan tiramisu one time. It was out of this world!”

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