Pig Farm Cruelty Exposed

Video exposing animal abuse on a factory farm garners national attention.

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This week, animal-rights group Mercy For Animals (MFA) released a new investigation that exposes the cruel treatment of piglets and sows at Country View Family Farms, a factory farm owned by one of Pennsylvania’s largest pork producers. The footage premiered on Fox News and was so graphic that the network refused to air certain scenes. Workers at the factory farm are seen carelessly throwing piglets around like footballs and picking up the small animals by their ears and tails. MFA hopes that the video will bring more awareness to the use of gestation crates in factory farms. Less than three months ago, MFA released an undercover investigation exposing animal abuse at Hy-line International, an Iowa-based egg hatchery. So far, more than two million people have viewed the Hy-line footage.