Dairy-Free Ice Cream Day

Turtle Mountain is petitioning for a National Dairy-Free Ice Cream Day.

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National holidays are only fun when you can partake in the festivities. That’s why Turtle Mountain, makers of non-dairy milks, ice creams, and yogurts, are stepping in and trying to help those who don’t do dairy. Established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, every third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. Twenty-five years later, we now know that over 50 million Americans can’t consume dairy, whether it’s for lactose intolerance or ethical reasons. To jump-start the campaign for the fourth Sunday in July to be National Non-Dairy Ice Cream Day, Turtle Mountain is doling out free frozen delights at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Ore., on Sunday, July 26, 10am to 4pm. To help Turtle Mountain (and millions of Americans) win President Obama’s favor, head over to the park for a free sample and to sign the petition!