Flat-Bed Farm

Much like rooftop farming, two filmmakers have been growing veg in their truck.

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With city dwellers able to step outside the office at lunch and find a killer taco truck or even a gussied-up veggie dog, it seems as though truck food is making a huge comeback. In Brooklyn, however, citizens have been able to get food from a truck of a different kind. Filmmakers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney took a cue from urban rooftop farming and decided they could make a garden out of a truck bed. Filming their success with growing and selling assorted veggies with a solar-powered camera, Truck Farm the film is currently in the works. The truck even has its own CSA following with members paying $20 for their share of greens. Be on the lookout for the film’s winter release to see how the filmmakers give a whole new meaning to food-on-the-go.