Every year, millions of viewers tune in to watch the Super Bowl, making it one of the most-watched television events in the world. And this year, thanks to a certain romance (ahem, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce), the viewing figures are likely to be bigger than ever. And because of all that reach from the sporting event, advertising is, of course, a big deal. Brands usually spare no expense with their Super Bowl commercials, and most of them feature major celebrities and unique, creative angles, all in the hope of generating buzz (and a heck of a lot of sales). This year is no different.

Below, we’ve listed four advertisements from vegan-friendly brands that you can expect to see during the big game this weekend. There’s also one bonus entry that you definitely won’t see, but it’s still worth watching all the same.


1 Silk

Last year, actor Jeremy Renner was involved in a life-threatening snowplow accident, but this year, he’s showing the world via the Super Bowl commercial break that he’s back and better than ever. In a spot for popular almond milk brand Silk, which also stars his daughter, Ava, Renner is seen kicking, twisting, dancing, and singing to James Brown’s “I Feel Good.”

The actor told CNN that he’s “so glad” to be alive and to be able to “spend time on wellness.” The Silk ad, he indicated, was a signal of a new beginning after a difficult year. “To look back on this, not look back on the accident, but look back on like how far that we’ve come. It meant a lot to us,” he said.
Watch it here


2 Oreo

Major cookie brand Oreo (which, yes, you’ll be pleased to know has many vegan flavors) teamed up with Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner to give a new “twist” to its Super Bowl commercial. The ad travels throughout the past showing major history-defining moments decided by twisting an Oreo. One of them is, of course, Jenner (dressed in her 2007 blazer) deciding on whether to go ahead with Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“I come from a generation where it was all about the commercials for some of us,” Jenner told the Independent regarding her decision to do the ad. “I love football, but I’m not as into football as maybe some of my male friends or my kids. So it’s always so exciting to wait for the commercials to come on and see what the brands would come up with. That was always embedded in my brain.”

“The concept was so playful, fun, and really captured my quirky sense of humor,” she added.
Watch it here

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 3.28.12 PMPringles

3 Pringles

Pringles (yep, it’s another vegan-friendly snack brand!) teamed up with Chris Pratt to film its Super Bowl commercial, which sees the actor (sporting a curly mustache) go viral for his resemblance to Julius Pringles, aka Mr.P, aka the man on the Pringles can.

According to Pratt, he started growing the mustache during the recent Hollywood strikes. “I grew it out and shaved down the sides, and it curled up,” Pratt told Variety. “[My wife said] ‘That’s actually a good look for a character. Have you ever played a character with that type of mustache?’” he continued. “I kept it.”
Watch it here


4 E.l.f. Cosmetics

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand E.l.f. Cosmetics teamed up with Judy Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy), Megan Trainor, and Suits stars Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty for its second-ever Super Bowl commercial. In the ad, Torres is on trial for spending too much on makeup. Judge Judy, of course, sentences her to use E.l.f. Cosmetics’ Halo Glow Liquid Filter foundation for “$14 glowy skin.”

“We knew early on that we’d need to show up with a veteran attitude and outdo ourselves,” Brian Vaughan, partner and executive creative director of E.l.f. Beauty’s creative marketing and communications agency Shadow, told Adweek. “We wanted the campy daytime TV courtroom vibe, with a super eclectic cast of characters to achieve that silly, unrestrained, over-the-top Super Bowl sensibility.”
Watch it here

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 3.26.57 PMPETA


This year, PETA’s Super Bowl ad sees Edie Falco (who famously played mob wife Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos) break down and scream after a block of cheese is stolen from her. The clip then cuts to a mother cow chasing after its calf, who is being taken away on a truck. “Kidnapping and violence may be everyday things for fictional mob wife Carmela Soprano, but did you know that they’re horrifyingly real for mother cows?” PETA says of the new ad.

As you may have guessed, this is one Super Bowl commercial you likely won’t see in the middle of the game. According to PETA, its ads are usually deemed to be too controversial or provocative to air by the National Football League.
Watch it here

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