Vegan Pizza Revolution

One brand of vegan cheese is making vegan pizza cheesier than ever.

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For years, vegans have been able to enjoy pizza alongside their non-veg friends, but it was always missing something: that ooey-gooey, chewy cheese topping that blends so perfectly with delicious dough and fresh veggies. “Cheeseless pizza” no longer has to be in vegans’ ordering repertoire—Daiya cheese is here to save the day. Made from cassava, this vegan cheese has the ability to melt and stretch just like its dairy counterpart. Los Angeles pizzerias have quickly jumped on the new product, most notably with Cruzer Pizza using the cheese with its faux-meats, and even adding vegan calzones, macaroni and cheese, and lasagna to its menu. Since having started to use Daiya mozzarella, Cruzer has seen a 63 percent sales increase in its Los Feliz store, and vegan items have outsold all other menu items. We sense a pizza revolution.

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