Vegan Weddings 2008 (Doh Driver & Dennis Buffaloe)

From the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains to the sun-dappled City by the Bay, vegan weddings are becoming the new standard for progressive would-be marrieds.

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Doh Driver & Dennis Buffaloe
Seattle, Wash.

Guests: 50
Honeymoon: Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic
Best wedding gift: “Dennis’ brother Joe, also the Best Man, paid for the movers to move us into our new house!” The couple used the I Do Foundation for charity registries.

Their story: While Doh and Dennis first noticed each other on veggiedate.org, they actually connected through personal ads in a local weekly paper. But, “when you do a search for ‘vegan,’” says Doh, “not that many come up.” It wasn’t love at first byte: Doh was so hesitant to go on a date based on an online profile that she told Dennis she wasn’t feeling well so she’d have an easy out. By the time a month had passed, the couple knew they’d be getting married. So all you singles clicking away out there, remember: when it comes to matrimony, a successful search need only yield one result.

Wedding highlights: In the middle of a verdant Seattle park, cocooned in an intimate circle of friends and family and surrounded by the joyful music of a children’s Marimba band, Doh and Dennis made their vows not only to each other, but also to Doh’s eight-year-old son. The ceremony was made even more special in that it was presided by Doh’s father, a former radio DJ. Keeping with the green theme, the entire bridal party wore low-impact, high-style attire from head to toe: the bride’s dress was 100-percent bamboo, the groom and his best man wore high-tech hemp clothing and shoes, plus vegan belts, and the matron of honor wore a gorgeous dress procured from her local Goodwill. The tables were also dressed with earth-friendly accessories: The mother of-the-bride created bud vases that doubled as guest favors, and table decor was crafted from cast-off wood decorated with findings and buttons from Doh’s grandmother’s estate. The recycling was carried to the kids’ table too, where the centerpiece was cleverly constructed using thrift-store toys, and Doh’s stepfather, a woodworker, made a beautiful marled-wood bowl that served as the head-table centerpiece.

The Menu
Cruditès with canellini, black bean, and spicy artichoke dips
Twice-baked mini red and white potatoes
Fresh fruit soup simmered in red and white wine

Main Course
Caesar salad
Tofu-squash ravioli in a cashew-cream sauce
Macaroni and “cheese”
Seitan and veggie skewers with plum sauce
Forbidden rice with slivered almonds and snap peas

Vanilla and chocolate cakes with chocolate-cream filling and lavender icing

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