White-House Farmers Market

Obama talks about school lunches and a possible White-House farmers market.

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Michelle Obama’s green White House garden has been growing for months, and President Obama has plans to coincide with the veg growth. On Thursday, August 20, Obama discussed his thoughts on school lunches, child activity, and local food in an interactive health-care strategy meeting. Not only does the President recognize children’s current sedentary lifestyles and the need to change it, but he also comments on the nutritionally poor school lunches kids face in the cafeteria. “It’s French fries, tater tots, hot dogs, pizza,” he says. Obama suggests adding fruits and veggies into children’s diets by connecting local farmers with school districts, and having them deliver fresh produce regularly. For DC specifically, Obama is looking into setting up a farmers market directly outside the White House that will get locals, farmers, and, naturally, good health interconnected.

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