Whole Foods’ Fight

Whole Foods’ CEO is stirring up controversy with his alternate health-care plan.

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Whether you love Whole Foods because it’s the only place you can find your favorite morning oat bran, or you dislike it for its sometimes sky-high prices, there is no doubt it serves as a health mecca for millions across the country. Co-founder and CEO John Mackey, however, thinks that Whole Foods can serve as a health-care option for all of America. In an op-ed written in the Wall Street Journal, Mackey shares his stance on the ObamaCare plan. As alternatives to the President’s plan, Mackey suggests removal of “legal obstacles that slow the creation of high-deductible health insurance and health savings accounts,” equalizing tax laws for employer-provided and individually owned health insurance, and among other facets, enact Medicare reform. Mackey’s bottom line is that instead of increasing government spending on health-care, America needs to focus on the core problem: our poor health. His solution to that is a plant-based, nutrient dense, and low-fat diet. In reaction to Mackey’s bold op-ed, many are boycotting Whole Foods while others argue that boycotting does nothing, and that Mackey is merely one man of the thousands who work for the market. With stores across the US, in Canada, and in the UK, it would take a whole lotta people to stop the Whole Foods force.