Australian Band Closure in Moscow Hits US

Aussie natives Closure In Moscow take their blend of plant-fueled prog-rock on tour, getting a full veg taste of the States.

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Hailing from a land where Vegemite reigns supreme, the five-piece outfit Closure In Moscow has been jet-setting in celebration of this year’s album release, promoting First Temple with an international tour. Venturing through North America, band mates Chris DeCinque, Mansur Zennelli, Michael Barrett, Brad Kimber, and Beau McKee are igniting crowds everywhere with their spin on progressive rock. Compared to bands ranging from The Mars Volta to Coheed and Cambria, lead singer DeCinque is working tirelessly to spread their songs and sound as much as another important message: veganism. DeCinque recently took a break from his hectic life on the road to sit down with VN.

VegNews: When did you decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle?
Chris DeCinque: About two years ago I decided it was time to make the change. I watched a few documentaries and did a lot of research. Once I was well informed, it didn’t really feel like a choice anymore—more like an imperative moral obligation. I try to inform as many people as I can that I meet about my lifestyle and the implications it has. I feel that if anyone with compassion is informed enough on the impact their dietary choices have, they will come to the same conclusion I did; it seems obvious.

VN: How does the rest of the band react to your veganism?
CD: Our drummer Beau seems to be the most curious and often asks me a lot of questions, which is promising. He will even ask me to order whatever I get for him from time to time. I hope this leads to a second vegan in the band; I could really use a partner in crime!

VN: What are your go-to foods when touring/traveling? What are your favorite veg foods back home?
CD: Bean burritos are my jam for sure. Also, pita with hummus and dried fruits are great. Back home in Australia you can’t go past vegan sesame prawn toast—to die for. It’s basically deep-fried batter stuffed with “prawn” filling and a layer of sesame seeds on top, cut into the shape of toast. Simple, but amazing.

VN: Have you been to any notable veg restaurants in the US yet, or had a particularly awesome veg meal?
CD: Just went to an amazing all vegan place in Orlando called Ethos Vegan Kitchen and had their shepherd’s pie. That was quite delicious. Also loved Red Bamboo in New York. That place was incredible.

VN: What differences have you encountered touring in the US as compared to Australia?
CD: The culture here seems to be very instant gratification, “Now, now, now.” Whatever is cheaper and quicker seems to be the go. The media here seems to be very fear-mongering also; a lot of people seem very disillusioned. As much as there are a lot more options for vegans here, it’s hard to find something without high fructose corn syrup! I’d never heard of it before I came here, but now it courses through my veins.

VN: What’s in store for Closure in Moscow over the next year?
CD: A lot more touring! We get a few months back home over Christmas time which will be really nice, but apart from that we’ll be on the road back and forth between here and Australia.

Fast Facts

Tofu or seitan? Seitan

Soy, rice, or hempmilk? Definitely soy.

Favorite veggie restaurant? Enlightened Cuisine or Vegie Bar both in Melbourne. Amazing!

Favorite meal to cook? Apple and strawberry crumble or any peanut butter based cake.

Do you have a favorite vegan, celeb or otherwise? I’d have to say Donald Watson, the man who started it all!

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