Healthy Voyager Top Awards

VegNews takes top honors on Healthy Voyager’s Best of 2009 list.

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Last week, popular travel blog Healthy Voyager released its Best of 2009 list, celebrating the top veggie and eco-friendly establishments in the US and around the world. The website honored an array of companies that cater to the conscientious consumer, including Matt & Nat for its accessories and handbags, Ruby Roth’s thought-provoking children’s book Why We Don’t Eat Animals, vegan confectioner Allison’s Gourmet, earth-friendly TV show Planet Green, and vegan celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. VegNews was named as a top resource website. Healthy Voyager is a worldwide travel blog created by healthy-food connoisseur Carolyn Scott, and informs jetsetters about where to find veg food and culture when on the road.