New Veg Restaurant in Cambridge

Veggie Galaxy, a new all-veg diner, opened last month in Cambridge, MA.

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A new restaurant in Harvard’s hometown is serving up traditional diner fare with a veg twist. Veggie Galaxy, which opened last month in Central Square, has an all-vegetarian menu—every item of which can be prepared vegan—with dishes such as baked macaroni and cheese, open-faced seitan sandwiches, sweet-potato mash, and Boston cream pie. One of the menu’s most popular offerings: a create-your-own-burger option with toppings like homemade vegan cheese and seitan chorizo. The diner serves all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and boasts an old-fashioned interior with booths and red vinyl stools. Owner Adam Penn, who also owns Veggie Planet in Harvard Square, tells The Boston Globe, “I feel like the vegetarian-vegan aspect of it is just secondary. Really it’s about great food.”

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