Thankful Turkeys: Meet Hildy

This month, meet four turkeys whose incredible stories make us even more grateful to live cruelty-free this Thanksgiving.

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Hildy was destined for the dinner table at birth in 2003. Hatched and raised in a man’s dingy basement with dozens of her siblings, the birds had little space to flap their wings and never saw the sunshine until they were rescued by a now-closed sanctuary and later brought to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. Despite Hildy’s permanent beak and toe disfigurements from her cruel origins, this friendly girl now spends her days running up to the gate to greet visitors and staying warm in the sun. She loves attention from people and will sit with visitors and staff for hours. Her Thanksgiving meal will consist of her favorite food—cooked yams—during Farm Sanctuary’s annual Celebration of the Turkeys on November 21. As one of the oldest birds at the sanctuary, this eight-year-old is youthful as ever and has even been caught rounding up the other birds to sneak up on unsuspecting pigs. She is beloved by staff and called a “peacemaker,” using her 30 unique vocal sounds to communicate with the other birds and make friends with animals and humans alike.

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Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

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