Veg-Friendly College Contest

PETA2’s online tournament to crown the Most Vegan-Friendly Campus in America is nearing its final round.

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Animal-welfare activism group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is narrowing down the top vegan-friendly colleges and universities in the US with the help of fans and online followers of its young-adults site, PETA2. Starting with 32 large schools and 32 small ones, the organization has been whittling down the “competitors” tournament-style by considering each college’s number of votes received from fans, quality and variety of vegan food, enthusiasm in showcasing its veg options, and feedback from students. Now in the fourth of five rounds, just four schools remain in each category. Currently, the top contenders at include the University of Florida, which offers fare like vegan chicken tacos, Ohio University, which serves up dairy-free cheesecake and ravioli, and Northwestern University, with dishes like tofu French toast.

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