FARM’s New Van & Video Tour

FARM is hitting the road with a factory farming video to convince viewers to reduce meat intake.


Vegan-advocacy organization Farm Animal Rights Movement has just revealed designs for its new van, which will take the organization’s Pay-Per-View video campaign on the road. FARM’s video campaign pays participants $1 each to watch Mercy For AnimalsFarm to Fridge video on the cruel treatment of farm animals—a tactic that, according to a FARM survey, has convinced more than 50 percent of viewers to reduce their consumption of animals. Featuring eight video monitors and 32 pairs of headphones, the vehicle will allow FARM to reach more than 100,000 people annually by stopping at roughly 300 events, starting with The Vans Warped Tour in June 2012. FARM is currently working with a manufacturer to finalize the designs and is seeking donations to complete the project.

Image courtesy of FARM

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