PETA Debuts Veg Celeb Stamps

PETA has released a new collection of postal stamps featuring photos of vegetarian celebrities.


Snail mail has a new veg-friendly kick of style—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has created a limited edition line of postage stamps featuring 20 famous vegetarians and vegans. Among those pictured on the 44-cent stamps are Ellen DeGeneres, Mahatma Gandhi, Woody Harrelson, Joan Jett, and Natalie Portman, all emblazoned with the word “Vegetarian.” Bob Barker and Pamela Anderson, who were also honored on the stamps, made appearances at the launch event at a Hollywood post office on November 29. PETA issued the collection following the US Postal Service’s recent change of rules that allows living people to be featured on stamps—previously, only those deceased for at least five years were permitted.

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