Pinnacle Print Launch

Pinnacle, a campaign to educate on fur industry, creates two magazines for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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The creator and author of The Discerning Brute—a fashion, food, and etiquette source for vegans—Joshua Katcher presents two limited edition Pinnacle magazines at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. His Pinnacle: Reinvent the Icon campaign strives to share with the public that cruelty-free fashion is desirable. “The incredible cruelty and frivolous use of animals inherent in fur production cannot stay hidden forever—nor can superior, gorgeous, lux, and ever-evolving alternatives stay on the sidelines,” Katcher says. Pinnacle is supported by designers including Stella McCartney, Olsen Haus, Vaute Couture, and more. The magazines are also available online at the Pinnacle website.

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