Veg Gender Discrimination

Veg Gender Discrimination

After being fired for being vegetarian, Ryan Pacifico sues his former employer for sex discrimination.

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In his newly published paper, Arizona State law professor Zachary A. Kramer argues that an employee fired because he is vegetarian constitutes sex discrimination. Ryan Pacifico was fired from his position as a currency trader in New York City after being consistently harassed for being vegetarian by his boss, Robert Catalanello. Catalanello put Pacifico down for his veg diet using anti-gay slurs, although Pacifico is straight, and ridiculed his athleticism. Regarded as “unmanly” by Catalanello, Kramer states that Pacifico’s vegetarianism was directly related to gender-stereotyping, and thus qualifies Pacifico to sue under the sex discrimination law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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