Worldwide Vegan Survey

A new survey of 2,000 vegans worldwide debunks myths about the vegan diet.

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In a new survey conducted by author and scientist Janice Stanger, PhD, 2,000 vegans responded to questions about their diet, health, and attitude. The survey, Vegan from the Inside, found that the majority of people following a vegan diet had improved their health, and more than 40 percent had lost weight they had wanted to lose. Addressing several myths including, “A vegan diet is all about deprivation and lower quality of life,” the survey found that a vast majority of vegans enjoy cooking more and feel that it is a more rewarding experience than they did as omnivores. Participants also said that they take pleasure in their food and intend to remain vegan forever, with more than 60 percent agreeing that staying vegan on an ongoing basis is effortless.

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