Schwartzman in What to Eat

Actor Jason Schwartzman narrates the new short film What to Eat, which advises people to eat less meat.

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Vegetarian actor Jason Schwartzman is the narrator of a new Farm Sanctuary film titled, What to Eat: The Environmental Impacts of our Food. The film addresses how eating less meat has a positive impact on the environment and takes a look at the harmful effects of factory farming. Supported by organizations such as the Sierra Club and Food and Water Watch, What to Eat features a man who is confronted with how his daily food decisions have a larger impact. At the end of the film the man decides to eat less meat. “Please join me in taking the pledge to go meat-free for a day, a month, or longer. It’s a lot easier than you think, and let’s be real, all burgers taste the same with ketchup,” Schwartzman says.

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