Music Festival Goes Veg

For one day, a musical festival in Belgium will go completely vegetarian.

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The Lokerse Feesten, a music festival in Ghent, Belgium, will go vegetarian for the day at the request of headliner and former Smiths’ frontman, Morrissey. On August 4, the Belgian town famous for its horse-meat sausages will only serve veggie fare at the annual festival. Music organizers were eager to book the musician who agreed to perform only if all of the food stalls banned sausages and burgers on the day he plays. In a statement, event organizers say, “As more and more people are introducing veggie days in their diet, we considered one meatless day out of 10 Lokerse Feesten days a healthy break for all.” In 2009, at California’s Coachella music festival, Morrissey famously walked offstage because he claimed the smell of nearby barbecue made him sick. 

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