Vegan Shop Debuts

New online men’s store Brave GentleMan is now open for business.

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Any vegan gent looking for dapper duds has a new online option, Brave GentleMan. The online store opened recently, and carries high-end, ethically crafted vegan goods, including custom-made suits, eco-friendly clothing, sunglasses made of recycled materials, a line of vegan fragrances, and accessories. The site also offers a range of vegan’s men’s shoes, some of which were designed by Brave GentleMan’s creator, Joshua Katcher, in partnership with the Novacas label. Katcher, already known for his anti-fur campaign, Pinnacle; erstwhile dining series, Gracious Gourmand; and blog, The Discerning Brute, says that he’s most excited by “the potential [the store] has to provide a platform for fine men’s products. As Brave GentleMan grows and evolves, I’ll always be looking for more and more high-quality items to feature and designers with whom to collaborate.” 

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