Veg NASCAR Drivers Visit Farm

This week, two vegan race-car drivers expressed their support of animal-welfare causes by visiting Farm Sanctuary.

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The world of race-car driving may seem like an unlikely place for veganism, but vegan drivers Andy Lally of NASCAR and Spencer Pumpelly of The Racer’s Group teamed up on August 15 to express their animal-advocacy beliefs through a visit to Farm Sanctuary in New York. Pumpelly visited the sanctuary in June, but it was Lally’s first experience at the rescue shelter, which, along with its California counterpart, is home to nearly 1,000 cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and other animals. On his veganism, Lally says, “By this point in human evolution, we should be smart enough and kind enough to live without torturing other living beings just so we can enjoy lunch, especially when there are so many delicious plant-based options available.”

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