Being vegan means looking at everything in life through a different lens, including what you buy. With a conscious effort, you can double the good you do by not only supporting vegan companies but also those that give back to animals. If you are a long-time vegan, just starting your path toward veganism, or just want to do more with your dollars, the animal lover in you will feel good about supporting these companies.

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Support vegan businesses and do good

Shopping with vegan businesses is always a good idea. Not only do you help keep a vegan business afloat, you also ensure your dollars aren’t supporting industries (such as factory farming) that don’t align with your values. When you shop with vegan businesses that donate proceeds to animals, your hard-earned dollar does double the work. You’re helping a vegan business thrive while also helping animals. Now that’s a sweet deal.

8 vegan companies that give back to animals

Shop with these vegan businesses for can’t-miss goodies and to help animals thrive. 

VegNews.VeganWaferBar.TrupoTreatsTrupo Treats

1 Trupo Treats

Vegan milk chocolate doesn’t get any better than this. The twin vegan brothers who started the company are working to spread the vegan message while promoting animal equality. That’s why they partner with animal sanctuaries around the country, donating at least 10 percent of their profits to animal sanctuaries. They also highlight a specific sanctuary on their Instagram account and donate to that sanctuary for a specific timeframe.


2 Karity

Cosmetics line Karity was founded by Isaac Rami in a bid to provide consumers with high-quality, budget-friendly makeup and tools. The brand also cares deeply about animals—it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and with every purchase, one meal is donated to an animal in need at animal shelters.

VegNews.LordJamesonLord Jameson

3 Lord Jameson

Once your dog has tasted Lord Jameson’s organic vegan dog treats, you may never want to buy treats from any other brand. They’re nutritious and loaded with uber-healthy ingredients such as blueberries, oats, sweet potatoes, carrots, and hemp seeds. And for each sale, the company donates to animal welfare organizations because, as it says, “We believe no dog should be left without a human to love and feed them.”

VegNews.MiomojoELLE Italia


This Italian company has one main mission: create a kinder, more sustainable world by making cruelty-free products—think bags, backpacks, and apparel—in which animals are never harmed. That means there’s no leather, feathers, silk, wool, or fur in any of Miomojo’s products. As if that’s not enough, the company donates 10 percent of online purchases to its animal welfare partners, including Animals Asia Foundation, Four Paws, Edgar’s Mission, Barn Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, and Goats of Anarchy. 

VegNews.ConsciousStepConscious Step

5 Conscious Step

This compassionate sock company has designated certain socks that support specific charities that help wildlife and companion animals. Socks are named for the cause they’re helping—like “socks that protect turtles” and “socks that protect cheetahs”—but if you’ve got a dog or cat in your house, you may want to consider “socks that save dogs” and “socks that save cats,” both of which support Best Friends Animal Society. 

VegNews.BrewingGoodCoffeeCompanyBrewing Good Coffee Company

6 Brewing Good Coffee Company

Need another reason to drink coffee? Then consider that for every cup of Brewing Good’s roasts that you sip, you’ll be helping animals. The vegan-owned business used to donate 10 percent of all proceeds to nonprofits that protect animals, choosing a different nonprofit around the United States each month (past recipients have included Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation). But now, it chooses special projects and fundraisers to donate to regularly. While you can order its organic and fair-trade coffees online, you can also stop by its location in Savage, MD for its roasts and array of vegan treats.

VegNews.PoppyHeraVodkaHera The Dog Vodka

7 Hera The Dog Vodka

After more than 17 years in animal rescue, including running A Dog’s Life Rescue in Los Angeles, Julia Pennington and Allison Lange decided to make the leap into the alcohol industry as a way to give back directly to animal rescues (and after seeing firsthand how difficult fundraising could be). A portion of each bottle’s proceeds are donated back to causes such as funding free spay/neuter days in local communities and donating to animal rescues’ spay/neuter programs. In addition, every bar that serves Hera on its bar menu donates $1 from each cocktail sold to local rescues as well.

VegNews.FreyasChariotFreya’s Chariot

8 Freya’s Chariot

If you’re in search of handmade vegan bath products that give back—think bath bombs, whipped soap, and furry beard care—check out Freya’s Chariot on Etsy. This woman-owned vegan company donates all proceeds to animal rescues and sanctuaries, choosing a different charity each month.  

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