Vegetarian Co-op Opens

A new vegetarian cooperative starting up in Oregon will provide plant-based dinners for all members.

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An Oregon couple is organizing a vegetarian dinner co-op in Eagle Creek. Sarah Brinkley got the idea when she found herself hungry at home, with no money to buy dinner, and no desire to cook. After an unsuccessful search for a local co-op, she decided to team up with her boyfriend, O’Neil McCord, to start their own. The couple is inviting other local residents to share in a common meal plan, which would have each participant cooking a meal for 10 people on one day and enjoying meals cooked by other members during the rest of the week. “In theory, it would cut down on food costs,” Brinkley tells the Sandy Post. “You’re cooking one meal for a group, which means buying more of the same ingredients versus a whole different variety of items, which can rack up a food bill.”

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