Mraz Blogs about Veganism

Mraz Blogs about Veganism

In a recent blog entry, Jason Mraz describes the positive effects of adopting a plant-based diet.

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Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has taken to his blog to advocate the benefits of a plant-based diet. In a post from January 19, Mraz shares that he has been thriving on what he calls a “pretty strict plant-based diet” for the past four months, and has noticed significant changes in his physical and mental health. Mraz says, “[I’m] feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive. I ride longer distances on my bike, can do more pull-ups than ever, and my brain seems to have a larger capacity for new projects, problem solving, songwriting, and fielding random questions.” For those looking for an introduction to plant-based eating, the star recommends the film Forks Over Knives, which he calls a “life changer.”

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