Vegan Valentines

Whether you’re head-over-heels for someone special, looking for a great match, or just loving the veg lifestyle, read on for VegNews’ ultimate romance roundup.


The season of smooching is upon us. Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is our yearly occassion to celebrate love. Savvy singles, happy couples, and those who fall somewhere along the middle of the spectrum can all appreciate whatever it is we love in life. A caring, considerate partner brightens any day, but so does loving a cruelty-free lifestyle, rescuing a companion animal, or treating yourself as well as humanly possible. Here are a few ideas to infuse your life with love—romantics rejoice!

Why Do You Build Me Up, Buttercup?
On Valentine’s Day, nobody wants to be let down, nor is anyone out there really hoping to be messed around. Worst of all? Not calling is a pretty damaging diss on this ultra-sweet holiday, but even worse is gifting your beloved with buttercups (or, more likely, roses) that are damaging to the environment and to the farmers who grow them. Check out these handy tips for sourcing Eco-Friendly Flowers to ensure that your buds aren’t duds (environmentally speaking).

The Pick-Up Artist
Pick-up lines can range from come-hither whispers that set your toes atingle to downright cheesy come-ons that get you absolutely nowhere. Trying to determine which one of these two options your line exemplifies can be harder than itemizing your taxes while blindfolded. Our favorite trick to using pick up lines is: use sparingly, and use only with your friends. That’s right, picking up your friends is always a much better time than trying to actually talk to someone intimidatingly attractive. Would you rather have an evening of uproarious laughter, or an evening of mortification? We’ll take the former, please! Of course, veg-themed pick-up lines get extra points. Our Top 10 Veg-Themed Pick-Up Lines are sure to tickle your friends’ funny bones.

Eat Your Heart Out
It should be clear by now that the way to any person’s heart is through the stomach. Cooking a dynamite dinner is a fantastic way to show your affections any time of year, and today’s no exception. Whether you’re hoping to win the heart of your latest crush, reignite the spark with your long-time steady, or just turn someone new on to veganism, a well-planned meal can do the trick. First, take a gander at these utterly appropriate Heart-Shaped Foods, and then try combining the shapely theme with these Vegan Aphrodisiacs. Are all the aprhodisiacs food? Yes. Do we recommend eating them all at once? No. Or if you do, at least make sure to have a mint on hand!

Animal Amour
Obviously, we’re suckers for all kinds of cute critters. Aside from the obvious step of leaving animals off your Valentine’s Day dinner plate, sharing your love with a furry friend is an excellent way to soak in the spirit of the sappy season. From showering your pampered pooch with organic dog treats, to enjoying the stories of animals who’ve made it safely to sanctuaries all around the country, take some time today to remember the special place in your life that non-human animals hold.

Me, Myself, and I
Finally, there’s one person who needs special attention today, no matter what kind of relationship you are (or aren’t!) in: you. Treating ourselves like loved ones can be difficult in the midst of busy schedules and hectic lives. But taking the time to really care for ourselves sets us up for success in all of our other endeavors. Can you be your most witty, charming, seductive self when you’re sleep deprived, hungry, or lethargic? Not likely. Whether it’s attending an extra yoga class, running a mile longer than usual, taking the time to meditate regularly, or simply indulging in a hot sauna followed by a luxurious massage at a veg-friendly spa, don’t forget the person who’s your valentine every year: you!

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