Blossom Opening NYC Bakery

Pamela Elizabeth, owner of New York City’s famed Blossom eateries, is opening a new vegan bakery.


Today, New-York based vegan restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth adds Blossom Bakery NYC to her growing list of ventures, which include award-winning vegan restaurant Blossom and its casual counterpart Café Blossom. Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, right next door to Elizabeth’s health-conscious fast-food joint Blossom Du Jour, Blossom Bakery NYC will offer vegan pastries and cakes, as well as savory dishes such as tofu quiches. All items will be made using fresh, organic ingredients, carrying on the standard established at Elizabeth’s six other eateries. Come mid-March, that number will rise yet again when Café Blossom opens a second location in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Photo: Garrison McArthur Photographers

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