Los Angeles Vegan Burger Face-Off

In just a little over a week, a vegan burger competition will take place at Mohawk Bend.


Los Angeles-based Mohawk Bend restaurant serves its patrons a wide array of vegan and vegetarian options. To celebrate Meatless Monday, on July 30, 2012, from 6 to 9pm, chefs across the City of Angels will compete for the best vegan burger at the veg-friendly eatery. Top chefs at Mohawk Bend, The Charleston, and Street will cook up their meanest veggie burger for consideration. Judges for this competition include Heather Goldberg and Jenny Engel of Spork Foods and Antoanet Aburto from M Café. Guests can purchase tickets for $12 to try all of the tasty creations and cast their vote for The People’s Choice.

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