Vegan Chocolate Company Seeks Funds to Expand

DesiderioChocolates has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of broadening its market reach.


Gourmet chocolatier DesiderioChocolates has been wowing vegans since 2008 with its decadent, inventive confections, but now creator Vanessa Metalli Dionne aims to bring the company to the next level by raising funds through a new Kickstarter campaign. Dionne, who grew up in Italy and now lives in Colorado, makes all of her treats by hand, a process that is impressive but limiting. Now, she hopes to raise $14,000 by August 2 so that she can reach more online retailers, shops, and trade shows with her products, which include marshmallow-ganache chocolate bars, port and fig caramels, and even European-style nougat. Dionne will use the money raised to purchase a special confectionary machine, develop new packaging, and visit vegan conferences nationwide.

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