The world is full of vegan sweets, but candy bars are the new frontier. Brownies, cakes, and cookies that ship have somewhat eclipsed the evolution of chocolate-coated nougats and caramels, but right now, we are celebrating the novelty of the candy bar. From mainstream look-a-likes to completely unique confections, these 37 vegan candy bars will delight with every nutty, nougatty, chocolate-laden bite. 

Note: these vegan candy bars are not ranked in any particular order. 

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Are candy bars vegan?

Vegan candy bars are becoming more common as the plant-based trend continues to resonate with consumers. 

Some candy bars—such as true dark chocolate or chocolate-coated marzipan squares—are accidentally vegan, but it’s more often than not that brands are making a conscious effort to omit animal products from their recipes to cater to demand.

VegNews.VeganChocolate.TonysChocolonelyTony’s Chocolonely

We can always rely on vegan candy companies, but today, omnivorous brands have reinvented many of the classics to give everyone a taste of nostalgia—sans dairy, eggs, and gelatin

When assessing whether a candy bar is vegan, here are the ingredients to look out for: eggs, egg whites, whey, milk derivatives, gelatin, casein (dairy), shellac (derived from insects), honey, and beeswax. Avoid bars that contain these ingredients, and you’re in the clear.   

Are vegan candy bars healthy?

Like their animal-based counterparts, vegan candy bars are best enjoyed in moderation. While free from dairy and animal-based fats, vegan candy bars still contain high amounts of sugar, fat, and calories without contributing much else nutrition-wise.

VegNews.Snacks.DrBronnersDr. Bronner’s

Due to this, vegan candy bars are considered to be nutrient-poor, meaning you can’t rely on them to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients you need to feel your best. For example, a two-tablespoon serving of peanut butter contains about eight grams of protein, 190 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, two grams of natural sugar, and three grams of fiber. Compare that to a nut-based candy bar which provides just four grams of protein, 200 calories, five grams of saturated fat, six grams of added sugar, and five grams of fiber.

When you compare these two, the candy bar is nutritionally inferior in every way with the exception of fiber. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vegan candy bar from time to time—after all, not everything we eat is about nutrition, sometimes, food is about pure indulgence.

37 vegan candy bars

Next time you’re perusing the candy aisle, pick up one of these vegan candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth.


1 Vego

Nothing beats a heaping spoonful of vegan chocolate hazelnut spread—except a Vego bar. Made with smooth gianduja chocolate, hazelnut paste, and whole hazelnuts, this bar is a step up from any spread you’ll find on the market.


2 Reese’s Plant Based Oat Chocolate Confection & Peanut Butter Cup

In 2023, Hershey’s granted the wishes of vegans all over the US with Reese’s plant-based peanut butter cups. Just like the original, they are creamy, delicious, and addictive, but the difference is, instead of dairy, they’re made with creamy oat milk.
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VegNews.VeganWaferBar.TrupoTreatsTrupo Treats

3Trupo Treats Vegan Crispy Wafer Bars

This vegan company has recreated the classic Kit-Kat bar sans animal ingredients. Crispy wafers are enrobed in creamy vegan milk chocolate for a treat that tastes just like childhood. Choose between chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate hazelnut for a taste of nostalgia.
Find it here

VegNews.vegancandybars.nowheyNo Whey!

4 No Whey! Caramel and Nougat Candy Bar

A mashup of a peanut butter cup and a Twix, this divine chocolate bar layers sweet peanut butter nougat with silky-smooth caramel. Willy Wonka himself could not improve on this wondrous combination.


5 OCHO Dark Peanut Butter

This vegan-friendly candy company elongated the classic peanut butter cup and transformed it into a bar. In the process, it added chopped peanuts to the velvety filling for those who crave the crunch factor. Be sure to pick up the Dark variety—the plain Peanut Butter bar contains dairy.

VegNews.NellysorganicNelly’s Organics

6 Nelly’s Organics German Chocolate Bar

More cakes should be turned into candy bars. This sweet handhold features a dense, chocolatey “cake” base topped with a thick layer of pecan pieces and sweet coconut shrouded in super soft nougat. The entire thing gets a coating of chocolate to prevent sticky packaging … and no one objects to more chocolate.

VegNews.vegancandybars.buccaneersGo Max Go

7 Go Max Go Buccaneer 

To get the gist of this vegan candy bar, recall a certain commercial featuring a silver-wrapped bar floating skyward. Need another hint? The mascots were three fencing friends with large hats. One more clue: it’s made of a fluffy nougat filling enrobed in chocolate. Keep thinking. You’ll get it.


8 Unreal Snacks Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar

If Mounds was your omnivore jam, this bar is your vegan jam. Like the original, it’s simple—just sweetened, toothsome coconut surrounded by luscious dark chocolate. Not nuts, just pure, coconutty goodness.


9 Justin’s Super Dark Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter Cups

We thought peanut butter cups epitomized perfection until we tried these caffeine-laced candies. The revelation was quite mind-altering. If there is something better than a peanut butter cup, what else have we settled for? Eat an espresso almond butter cup while you ponder that thought.

VegNews.vegancandybar.jokerzGo Max Go

10 Go Max Go Jokerz

The Jokerz bar is Snickers reincarnated. You get roasted peanuts, caramel, peanut nougat, and a dairy-free milk chocolate coating. Snickers fans, you know what to do.


11 Compartés California Love Pretzel

It’s not just our sweet tooth that lures us into the Compartés display—it’s the gorgeous artistic packaging. Reach for a Compartés bar if you’re in the mood for something a bit wacky, but for us, there’s something about that sweet-and-salty combo that always brings us back to the California Love Pretzel.

VegNews.mylkchocolate.trupotreatsTrupo Treats

12Trupo Treats Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch Bars

Another tasty offering from Trupo Treats, these creamy and delicious vegan milk chocolate bars feature bits of crispy, crunchy rice. According to the brand, it makes each bite “taste like Heaven on Earth.” Want to put that assessment to the test? There’s only one way to find out.
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VegNews.oatmilkbars.7thheaven7th Heaven

13 7th Heaven Oat Milk Pistachios & Halva Cream Bars

The clue is in the name, but each bite of these creamy oat milk bars, which contain a delicious combination of buttery pistachio cream and sweet halva, is a little slice of heaven.
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VegNews.GoMaxGo2ferGo Max Go

14 Go Max Go 2fer

For those who simply cannot decide between Left Twix and Right Twix, there’s the 2fer. This veganized version features the same buttery shortbread, soft caramel, and chocolate coating, but it comes in a single bar, so you don’t have to choose.


15 Gigantic! Banana Pecan

Disclaimer: these bars are actually regular-sized—the brand name refers to the flavor. Reach for this “sorta sweet,” candy bar when banana bread just isn’t cutting it.

VegNews.oatmilchocolatepeanutcornflake.7thheaven7th Heaven

167th Heaven Oat Milk Peanut Butter & Cornflakes Bars

Another creamy delight from 7th Heaven, this unique salty and sweet chocolate bar contains a tasty, crunchy mix of peanut butter and cornflakes (yep, just like the breakfast cereal).
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VegNews.NellycaramelNelly’s Organics

17 Nelly’s Organics Caramel Nougat

No nuts here, just smooth vegan caramel and melt-in-your-mouth nougat. This bar is perfect if you’re not looking for crunch in a candy bar.


18 Gigantic! Salted Peanut

Peanuts. Caramel. Chocolate. Sold. Bonus: this bar (and all bars from this brand) only contains seven grams of sugar. For reference, a Snickers contains 25 grams of sugar.

VegNews.LagustasLagusta’s Luscious

19 Lagusta’s Luscious Turtle Bar

Dark chocolate, caramel, pecans, and sea salt—this is the classic turtle confection in bar form. While this New York-based vegan chocolatier crafts a number of mouthwatering treats, this iconic Turtle Bar remains a best-seller. Good thing they ship nationwide.

VegNews.VeganCandyBars.NellysDoubleChocolateNelly’s Organics

20 Nelly’s Organics Double Chocolate

Not quite a health food, but not quite an indulgence, this chocolate-on-chocolate vegan candy bar is filled with a handful of raw foods including dates, cacao, and vanilla beans. When a single bar contains 20 percent of your daily fiber, that’s a win worth celebrating.


21 Happy by Chocolate Inspirations Passion Fruit Mango Truffle Bar

This fruit-forward bar is not to be missed. A decadent ganache made of mango purée, toasted coconut, and passion fruit chocolate fills this velvety dark chocolate bar featuring swirls of, you guessed it, passion fruit. It’s dense, gooey, chewy, and utterly fantastic.

VegNews.VeganCandyBars.GisellesVeganKitchenGiselle’s Vegan Kitchen

22 Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen Protein Bar

We were at first hesitant to try this based on its name alone—our brain was craving candy, not a post-workout snack. However, names can be deceiving, which made us delight even further when we bit into this chocolate-covered bar of oaty, peanut-buttery goodness. The experience is pure candy bar, but the protein content lives up to its name. Just one bar boasts 20 grams of plant-based protein!

VegNews.VeganOatMilkChocolate.HersheysThe Hershey Company

23Hershey’s Plant Based Almond & Sea Salt Oat Chocolate

Hershey’s didn’t just give the world vegan peanut butter cups earlier this year, it also launched new creamy oat chocolate Hershey’s bars, flavored with almonds and sea salt. If you haven’t tried one yet, this is your sign to add to cart.
Find it here


24 Lindt Classic Vegan Salted Caramel

Let’s be honest, when it comes to chocolate, Switzerland knows what it’s doing. One of its most famous multinational chocolatiers, Lindt, offers creamy vegan options, and, we have to say, this salted caramel flavor is even better than the original. 
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VegNews.VeganCandyBars.DrBronnersDr. Bronner’s

25 Dr. Bronner’s Salted Almond Butter Bar

Yes, the makers of your favorite peppermint-scented soaps now make sustainable vegan chocolate bars. Available in both dark and oat milk varieties, the brand boasts nine delicious flavors. The sustainably-minded company makes its chocolate from organic and regenerative cacao beans along with tantalizing ingredients like salted almond butter. Sure, the soap is great, but Dr. Bronner is truly a candyman at heart.

VegNews.HuChocolateHu Kitchen

26 Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter & Raspberry

When a cashew butter cup collides with a raspberry-studded dark chocolate bar, magic is made. It’s like a gourmet nut butter and jelly sandwich … if you dunked that sandwich in chocolate. This must be what true bliss feels like.


27 Cadbury Plant Bar

Finally, seasoned vegans can once again enjoy their Cadbury chocolate, and new vegans can see what the fuss is all about. The UK chocolatier released two vegan-friendly chocolate bars last year: Smooth Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

VegNews.RitterSportRitter Sport

28 Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan

This German chocolate company has a dedicated vegan category on its website these days, but it’s been making dairy-free chocolate for years without the label. The marzipan-filled chocolate bar never fails to quell that very specific craving for sweetened almond paste. Just try it. It’s outstanding.  

VegNews.TonyChocolonelyTony’s Chocolonely

29 Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Chocolate Cookie Citrusy Caramel

Tony doesn’t sell bars of chocolate—he sells bricks. These bars are massive, as are the flavors. This complex bar doesn’t hold back—you’ll sink your teeth into a chocolate bar filled with lemon-infused vegan caramel and crispy dark cocoa cookie pieces. Pick up a few and do some bicep curls—the bars could double as light hand weights.

VegNews.HuvanillaHu Kitchen

30 Hu Kitchen Vanilla Crunch

Don’t knock quinoa in chocolate until you’ve tried it. This bar combines decadent 70 percent cacao dark chocolate with puffed quinoa for a decadent candy bar that’s both silky and crunchy with a hint of vanilla bean. This is definitely our favorite way to eat quinoa.

VegNews.VeganCandyBars.BeyondGoodBeyond Good

31 Beyond Good Crispy Rice

When you think of chocolate studded with crunchy puffed rice, what comes to mind? If you answered Crunch bar, you’ve nailed it. This vegan bar is a step up from the basic Crunch candy, swapping in single-origin, organic Ugandan cocoa. You’ve grown up—your candy should, too.


32 Chocolove’s Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate

Chocolove is a stellar mid-tier, vegan-friendly chocolate brand. It contains high-quality ingredients without the astronomical price tags of some gourmet chocolate brands. This naturally flavored dark chocolate bar is perfect for those who appreciate the combination of chocolate and orange.


33 Pascha White Chocolate Bar

This bar is perfect for those seeking a middle ground between milk and dark chocolate. Made with 40 percent cacao, TJ’s vegan-friendly confection is less bitter than a typical 70 percent bar while retaining a bit more complexity than your average milk chocolate bar. When placed in the “impulse buy” display right near the register, we can’t resist.

VegNews.CocoaParlorChocolateCocoa Parlor

34 Cocoa Parlor Strawberry Mermaid

Made with just four ingredients, the flavors in this bar really shine. It’s like a chocolate-covered strawberry if you swapped the strawberry-to-chocolate ratio and used exceptionally high-quality chocolate. Find these at select natural foods stores or online.

VegNews.ManoaChocolateManoa Chocolate

35 Manoa Chocolate Haupia x Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

We can’t talk about chocolate without mentioning Hawaiian chocolate. Made on Oahu, this smooth and creamy yet deeply flavored chocolate bar is crafted with just four ingredients sourced from the island. The coconut flavor is present without being overpowering. It’s definitely worth a trip to stock up, but they also ship.   

VegNews.VeganCandyBars.AlterEcoAlter Eco

36 Alter Eco Mint Blackout

What makes this a blackout bar? Ninety percent cacao. The intense flavor of chocolate is subtly balanced with a touch of peppermint and the essence of bourbon vanilla. This is a bar to savor slowly.

VegNews.VeganCandyBars.EndangeredSpeciesEndangered Species

37 Endangered Species Espresso Beans + Dark Chocolate

You’ve been warned—this is not an evening chocolate bar unless the goal is to pull an all-nighter. The 72 percent cocoa bar is pebbled with pieces of full-strength espresso beans, providing a divine hit of flavor as well as a decent dose of caffeine. Enjoy slowly to avoid jitters.

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