Since their launch in 1969, Lindor truffles have become a worldwide favorite among chocolate lovers thanks to their melt-in-your-mouth texture. Now, Lindt, the Swiss chocolate maker behind them, has given the classic truffles a vegan makeover with the help of creamy oat milk. 

Lindt’s new Lindor Chocolate Truffles come in Oatmilk and Dark Chocolate flavors and mimic the original truffles to offer a premium chocolate experience with its signature melting chocolate encased in a crunchy shell but without the dairy. 

“Experience a moment of pure bliss with Lindt’s Lindor non-dairy truffles,” the company states on its website. “Filled with a smooth-melting center and encased with Lindt non-dairy chocolate, these delectable delights are the perfect indulgent treat, especially for those with dietary preferences or requirements.”

Lindt makes creamy vegan chocolate with oat milk

The new oat milk truffles build upon Lindt’s previous ventures into vegan chocolates. The Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk bars, made with gluten-free oat milk powder and almond paste, launched in the United States last year in Original and Salted Caramel flavors. 


“We are constantly looking for ways to create chocolate that everyone can enjoy,” Ann Czaja, Lindt Master Chocolatier, previously said in a statement about the bars. “We are thrilled to bring this new product to US consumers.”

“Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk bars will deliver the same smooth, creamy experience as our Lindt Classic Recipe milk chocolate, all without the dairy,” Czaja said. 

Before the oat milk chocolate bars reached the US, they were made available in Canada and the United Kingdom. 

The bars have been part of Lindt’s ongoing strategy to diversify its product range to include vegan options, including other oat milk-based chocolate bars under its Hello collection in Germany and the UK.

Lindt is part of a wider industry trend toward offering vegan milk chocolate. Previously focused mainly on dark chocolate without dairy, major chocolate brands—including Nestlé and The Hershey Company—are increasingly using plant-based milk alternatives such as oats, hazelnuts, and rice to produce vegan-friendly milk chocolate. 

VegNews.VeganOatMilkChocolate.HersheysThe Hershey Company

The new vegan Lindt truffles are slated to hit stores nationwide, including CVS Pharmacy. VegNews is confirming further availability with Lindt and will update this story once that information becomes available. 

Can’t wait? The company has also made these new treats available on its website in 5.1-ounce bags and in cases of 800 truffles each.

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