Central Valley Beef May Be Unfit for Consumption

USDA investigators are trying to find out whether or not the beef produced by the closed slaughterhouse came from diseased cows.


Central Valley Meat Co., which was shut down by the US Department of Agriculture after Compassion Over Killing released undercover footage, is now under investigation, and the USDA is currently assessing the wellness level of the cows on site. If the mistreated cows were also sick, their meat would be declared inedible for human consumption. The video footage shows cows unable to walk, or even stand up properly; the USDA’s main concern is to determine the state of health the slaughtered cows were in. After learning about the slaughterhouse’s handling practices and treatment of cows, In-N-Out Burger ended business with Central Valley, citing the fast food company does not work with suppliers with inhumane tactics.

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