Appeal to Close Down Meat Counter at Whole Foods

Texas State University professor asks Whole Foods Market to go meat-free in a petition, which has recently been responded to.


Last week, James McWilliams, professor, writer, and historian in Austin, TX, created a petition via entitled “Whole Foods: Close all its meat counters.” McWilliams commends Whole Foods for all of its major achievements, but says that the fact that the grocery store still sells animal products, especially meat, hinders all of its progress. In the petition, McWilliams states, “your meat counter stinks. It stands as a symbol of suffering amid these accomplishments. It taints everything you’ve accomplished.” He urges the elimination of all meat counters as he sees them as the primary issue that Whole Foods must address to remain in line with its values of offering humane, local, and healthy food. Thus far, McWilliams has rallied more than 1,400 supporters to sign the petition. On September 6, McWilliams posted on his personal website Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s response, which respectively denied his request for the elimination.

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