Baltimore Experiences a Boom in Vegan Bakeries

Dirty Carrots, a new Fells Point vegan bakery, will be the fourth of its kind to open in Baltimore.


Baltimore vegans are certainly not starved for baked goods. The latest addition to the city’s vegan baking scene, which already consists of two established bakeries—Brunie’s Bakery and So Goode 4 You Vegan Bakery—has a new recruit in Dirty Carrots. Owner Lisa Muscara Brice will be stunning Fells Point patrons with treats like salted caramel cupcakes and whoopee pies, and is eager to showcase the deliciousness of vegan treats. “[The neighborhood is a] phenomenal [place with a] great mix of people where I’ve felt welcomed from the moment I’ve been down there,” says Brice to bmoremedia.com. The treats, which were previously only available through Baltimore’s farmers’ market and select coffee houses, will now be available at the Brice’s Wolfe Street location opening tomorrow.

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