Bill Clinton’s Appearance Wows Crowd at DNC

Former president Bill Clinton inspired viewers to take a second look at their diets after his speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.


At 66 years old, Bill Clinton has never looked healthier, which many attribute to his wholesome plant-based diet. After the former president spoke at the Democratic National Convention last Wednesday, viewers were full of compliments on Clinton’s appearance. Actress Olivia Wilde tweeted that she considered Clinton a “#veganfox,” while Anderson Cooper called Clinton’s appearance “a good testament to a vegan diet,” and admitted feeling inspired to omit animal products from his diet. While Clinton is clearly reaping the benefits of a largely plant-based diet, the former president concedes that he eats fish sparingly. The dairy-free pescetarian may not be totally vegan, but his promotion of a plant-based diet appears to be motivating people nationwide to reduce their consumption of animals and animal by-products.

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