Global TV Will No Longer Air Hunting Shows

The Canada-wide network is pulling three hunting-based shows from its weekend block of nature shows.


Canadian television network Global TV, part of the Shaw Media conglomerate, is pulling hunting shows from its 2013 lineup. The network, which currently airs Canada in the Rough, The Canadian Tradition, and Angler & Hunter Television during its weekend block of nature shows, will take the shows off-air on December 30. While pro-hunting website Outdoor Canada states that hunting and shooting sports generate around $6 billion per year in Canada, according to the Vancouver Humane Society, only five percent of Canadians identify themselves as hunters, and a 2010 Ipsos-Reid public-opinion poll revealed that 62 percent of Canadians think hunting for sport constitutes cruelty to animals. According to, the network reaches almost 100 percent of Canadians and rakes in 27 million viewers per week.

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