If you’re vegan but still enjoy mainstream food television, raise your hand. What vegan foodie doesn’t love to watch Master Chef or Sugar Rush and not think of ways to veganize all the dishes? If you love food, you’ll find a way. Of course, it’s always a thrill to see vegan cuisine represented in the big leagues, and slowly but surely, plant-based eats are integrating into primetime. Because there are so many ways to watch food television, we’re expanding this list to encompass Netflix hits as well as the indomitable Food Network. From underdog wins to vegan cooking competitions, here are 18 vegan food moments to stream again now.

Where to find vegan cooking content on TV 

Before the Food Network started to integrate vegan contestants and programming, plant-based creators took matters into their own hands. 

Directors, writers, and producers placed their content on any streaming service that would have them or created their own digital space. Vegan chef and personality Jason Wrobel was one of the first to break through with his vegan Cooking Channel show, How to Live to 100, which enjoyed two seasons beginning in 2014. Former news anchor and current animal activist Jane Velez Mitchell launched her own vegan streaming service, Unchained TV, which streams the vegan cooking competition Peeled and plant-based cooking show New Day New Chef.

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Finally, producer, director, and animal advocate Asher Brown partnered with vegan mixologist and restaurateur Jason Eisner to create High Cuisinea 12-episode competition series that challenged chefs to create mouthwatering vegan dishes after partaking in cannabis. The series originally aired on a now-defunct streaming service in 2017 but is now available on Amazon Prime. 

Today, vegan content is making its way to the mainstream, not just on social media, YouTube, or niche streaming platforms, but on the leader of food television: the holy grail that is the Food Network. Netflix, too, has released a number of food-focused series, each captivating audiences worldwide—and luckily, vegan cuisine is showcased in more ways than one. 

18 vegan Food Network and Netflix moments

New vegan recipes, contestants, and episodes are continually in the works, so keep the television on and get inspired by this top-notch vegan content.

VegNews.TabithaBrownVeganuaryTabitha Brown

1 Tabitha Brown gets a Food Network show

We’re not surprised this vegan entertainment maven was the first to secure a completely plant-based cooking show on the Food Network. It’s CompliPlated originally aired in 2022, and put professional chefs to the test to create vegan meals any picky eater would love. Brown served as both the host and judge along with celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan and a rotating cast of picky eater judges. The show is infused with Brown’s positive energy with just enough fun-loving competition to make you root for your favorite contestant.

VegNews.TheEasyVegan.FoodNetworkFood Network

2 Vegans win ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ back-to-back

After a handful of vegan food trucks entered this televised Food Network competition, in 2022, Señoreata became the first to win it all. The Los Angeles-based, Cuban pop-up took home $50,000 along with the ultimate victory, beating out worthy competitors serving animal-based mac and cheese, homemade pasta, South African cuisine, and more. The following year, Denver, CO-based The Easy Vegan brought home the gold for team vegan once more, prompting host Tyler Florence to delcare “a new era of food here in America.”

VegNews.Troy GardnerBobby FlayRachel KleinBeatBobbyFlay.FoodNetworkFood Network

3 Vegan chefs beat Bobby Flay

The longstanding Food Network show, Beat Bobby Flay kicked off 2022 with a pleasant surprise. After 29 seasons, the show’s first vegan episode aired in January, featuring chefs Tamearra Dyson of Souley Vegan and Adyre Mason of The Veggie. Dyson moved on to challenge Bobby in a plant-based burger competition. Despite the fact that Flay is known for his burgers and operates a burger chain, Dyson beat this celebrity chef titan. You could say that ultimately, Flay didn’t learn his lesson. The following year, chefs Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Pantry and Troy Gardner of TLC Vegan Cafe went head-to-head for a chance to face off against Flay. In the end, Klein’s Philly cheesesteak impressed the judges far more than Flay’s own creation. Sorry for the spoilers—they’re still excellent episodes to watch.  

VegNews.FreyaCox.CastleHoward.CarolePoirotCarole Poirot

4Vegan Week and a vegan contestant on ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Veganism is on the rise in the US, but the UK is leaps and bounds ahead. To keep up with the rapid uptick of plant-based viewers, The Great British Bake Off (available on Netflix) debuted its first Vegan Week in 2018. Each of the three challenges stripped contestants of their animal product go-tos and forced them to think like a vegan. Showstopping bakes such as fruit-adorned meringue crowns and tiered layer cakes proved that anything can be baked vegan. In 2021, the show welcomed its first vegan contestant, 19-year-old Freya Cox, who surpassed many of her omnivorous competitors.

VegNews.MamaDutMama Đút

5 Mama Đút on ‘Street Food: USA’

In 2022, Portland-based Mama Đút became the first vegan restaurant to be featured on Netflix’s Street Food seriesChef-owner Thuy Pham instantly captivated viewers with her empowering story of survival, changing careers during the pandemic, and how making vegan pork belly on Instagram Live changed her life forever. While Pham has since shuttered Mama Đút, you can learn all about her journey on Netflix.

VegNews.FoodNetwork.ChefChloe.ChefChloeChloe Coscarelli

6 Chef Chloe Coscarelli wins ‘Cupcake Wars’

This bubbly chef and entrepreneur set the stage for the future of vegan cuisine on network television when she not only competed on Cupcake Wars, but won. Since that seminal vegan victory in 2010, the show has featured a number of vegan bakers and even hosted an all-vegan episode in 2012. It’s true—the best way to change an omnivore’s perspective is to give them a Raspberry Tiramisu cupcake. 

VegNews.FoodNetwork.TheHerbivorousButcherThe Herbivorous Butcher

7 Vegan joints steal the spotlight on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’

The founder of Flavortown is always down for vegan food. Guy Fieri has parked his signature red Camaro in front of countless vegan eateries across the US. Minneapolis, MN’s The Herbivorous Butcher received a fair share of press, but other joints such as Modern Love in Omaha, NE; Cornbread Cafe in Eugene, OR; Tumerico in Tucson, AZ; and Pingala Café in Burlington, VT have also impressed this celebrity chef. The show runs repeats on the Food Network every Friday night so you never know when you’ll stumble across a new vegan hidden gem. 

VegNews.vegancookingshowmoments.channel4Channel 4

8 David Schwimmer gets a handshake on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ for a vegan pie

Another special vegan moment on The Great British Bake Off happened on the show’s Stand Up to Cancer celebrity special, when David Schwimmer (aka Ross from Friends) impressed Paul Hollywood so much with his vegan vegetable and tofu curry pot pie he got a handshake. “I’ve never had tofu I’ve enjoyed before,” the judge said. “That is a fantastic pie.” Schwimmer replied that the comment “made [his] year,” and that he couldn’t wait to tell his daughter, who is vegan, the news.

vegnews.foodnetworksluttyveganFood Network

9 The Try Guys visit Slutty Vegan

The summer of 2022 saw a number of new faces on the Food Network. Known for their popular YouTube channel, the Try Guys landed their own series on the iconic network, The No Recipe Road Trip. During the Atlanta episode, the guys visited Pinky Cole’s Slutty Vegan and faced off in a vegan food truck burger challenge. While the guys’ off-the-cuff creations were questionable at best with burgers named The Slutty Little Jew and the U-Daddy, Cole showed off her skills in the kitchen to demonstrate how a proper vegan burger is made. 

VegNews.FoodNetwork.TheKitchenFood Network

10‘The Kitchen’ finally uses the word “vegan”

It took a while, but the hosts of this daytime talk-and-cooking-show mashup are finally using the word “vegan.” We’ve yet to see a vegan episode, but the hosts will occasionally drop lines such as “Or you could use vegetable stock to make it vegan” and “Or you could leave off the cheese to make it vegan.” We appreciate it! A few accidentally vegan recipes are also featured on the show such as Magic Mousse, Shoestring Carrot Fries, and Focaccia With Rosemary and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

VegNews.FoodNetwork.SugarRushSugar Rush

11First vegan bakers appear on Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush’

After three seasons, the first vegan baker appeared on Netflix’s time-crunched baking show, Sugar Rush: Christmas. San Diego-based baker Anna Castellanos of Ámame Desserts attempted to wow celebrity judges Candice Nelson and Adriano Zumbo with her Mexican hot chocolate cupcake with a salted caramel date filling. Check out the series to see how she did! 

VegNews.FoodNetwork.NadiyaBakesNadiya Bakes

12 Nadiya Hussain bakes vegan on ‘Nadiya Bakes’

This Brit loves her clotted cream, but Hussain’s baking-focused Netflix special offers a few recipes for her vegan fans. Watch and prepare to swoon over her blueberry compote-topped banana cheesecake and nutty tahini and turmeric traybake. As Nadiya would say, baking vegan is “easy peasy!”

VegNews.FoodNetwork.ChefRichLandauFood Network

13 Vegan chef wins ‘Chopped’

This primetime Food Network competition show jumped early on the vegan bandwagon when it debuted its first vegan episode in 2013. In lieu of squirm-worthy animal products, this episode’s mystery baskets included a plethora of plant-based ingredients. Chef Rich Landau of Philadelphia’s Vedge took home the championship title with his Edamame Turnovers With Cranberry Sauce. 

VegNews.FoodNetwork.NatashaKwanFood Network

14 Vegan chef competes on ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’

Natasha Kwan of the vegan-friendly Frida’s Deli in St. Louis, MO gave plant-based cuisine some screen time during the “All-Vegetarian” episode of this hit Food Network show. It would have been more thrilling to watch a completely vegan episode (other contestants made liberal use of eggs and cheese), but back in 2018, it was a win to even hear the words “plant-based” or “vegan” on network television. Keep an eye out for its re-run on the Food Network Monday evenings. 

VegNews.FoodNetwork.ShoukFood Network

15 Carla Hall gushes over vegan food on ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’

Close-ups and big bites make up this Food Network show, and we were floored when we watched Carla Hall rave about the vegan burger at Shouk in her hometown of Washington, DC. The Mediterranean-style homemade veggie burger doesn’t try to imitate a beef patty, but according to Hall, it tops it. Dear Food Network producers, more vegan hot takes, please!

VegNews.FoodNetwork.BrandonRogueBrandon Rouge

16 Vegan wins  ‘Supermarket Stakeout’

Gluten-free and vegan chef Brandon Rouge swept the competition on Alex Gurnascheli’s Food Network hit, Supermarket Stakeout. Based on ambushing grocery store shoppers and bargaining to purchase their cart, the ingredients come down to the luck of the draw, and Rouge is the first and only vegan to walk away with a win. Riding on the coattails of this victory, Rouge recently published a pay-what-you-can cookbook, Vegan AF. If you’re wondering, AF stands for “Allergen-Friendly.”

VegNews.FoodNetwork.ChloeCoscarelliFood Network

17 Chloe Coscarelli teaches Trisha Yearwood how to cook vegan

Country music star Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network cooking show typically churns out full-hog Southern eats, but for the season seven “Recipe Swap” episode, she invited Chloe Coscarelli to whip up a few vegan stunners. The chef prepared a Black-Eyed Pea Stew with plant-based Buttery Biscuits and maple butter, of course. This is Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, after all. For dessert, the duo cut into a slice of Chloe’s Lemon Olive Oil Cupcakes with Coconut Whipped Cream. If you’re drooling, you can find all the recipes here.

VegNews.FoodNetwork.CafeNoFurFood Network

18 Vegan restaurant featured on ‘Restaurant Impossible’

Vegan owners of Las Vegas’ Cafe No Fur faced the brute criticism of host Robert Irvine on a 2021 episode of Restaurant Impossible. The fast-food restaurant—co-operated by a former poker player and model—was seriously struggling after just two years of business until Irivne tough-loved them into turning it around. The eatery survived its rough patch and continues to serve customers who are in the mood for towering vegan burgers and fries.

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