Vegan cooking competition show High Cuisine recently debuted on Amazon Prime Video. The 12-episode series taps into cannabis culture by challenging Los Angeles-based vegan chefs to create the most innovative dishes after getting high, while discussing the creative culinary inspiration they get from their use of cannabis. Challenges include creating the world’s largest burrito, turning Thanksgiving dinner into a sandwich, and making sushi for dessert. The chefs make use of everyday vegan ingredients as well as products from national brands such as Beyond Meat, Dandies, The Herbivorous Butcher, and Follow Your Heart

“We wanted to do a fresh take on the traditional cooking show. High Cuisine has all of the trappings of a competition show you might find on network television, but with the added fun that stoned chefs bring to the kitchen,” High Cuisine executive producer Asher Brown said. “Plus, we’re aiming our show at a wide audience. You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate how creative great chefs can be when they’re cooking with plants. And you don’t have to smoke [marijuana] to appreciate High Cuisine either. The weed is in the chefs, not in the food, so we’d love everyone watching at home to wonder what a fruit roll-up enchilada tastes like and be able to follow along when a chef tries to make beet cupcakes—and then get inspired to cook some awesome weird plant-based food themselves.”

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