Ian Somerhalder Fighting to Save Sanctuary Land

The animal-loving star of The Vampire Diaries is reaching out to fans as plans for an industrial park threaten the security of his animal sanctuary.


Ian Somerhalder, animal advocate and star of The Vampire Diaries, is reaching out to fans through his Twitter asking for help to save the land for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Animal Sanctuary in his home state of Louisiana, which is now slated to become a transfer station and industrial park. The star had previously reached out for help to fund the 195-acre property, which would house and provide care to neglected and abused animals while also helping troubled youth overcome behavioral problems. Somehalder is taking his plight to a council meeting on September 10 and asking residents of Lacombe and St. Tammany Parish to stand with him. He pleads, “This place, the ISF sanctuary, can be … an example of how compassion, innovation, and education go hand in hand.”

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