RadarOnline: Usher Following a Vegan Diet

The pop-culture website reports that the singer is now following a plant-based diet and is urging protégé Justin Bieber to do the same.


Pop-culture website reported Tuesday that Usher, who has “always had a flair for the vegetarian” has now adopted a vegan diet. While the R&B singer has yet to confirm the news, the website suggests that not only is he already frequenting vegan restaurants in New York City, but he’s looking to turn his pop-music protégé Justin Bieber onto a plant-based diet as well. The teen phenomenon has worked with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the past, taking part in public service announcements that encourage the adoption of animals from shelters. If the singers commit to cruelty-free lifestyles, they would be joining the ranks of other vegan celebrities such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Chastain, Russell Simmons, and Woody Harrelson.

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