Vegan Menu at Chicago’s Next Gets Rave Reviews

Windy City’s innovative restaurant, Next, is offering a special vegan menu, garnering four stars from The Chicago Tribune.


The current menu at Chicago’s Next is an exclusive, 20-course, all-vegan smorgasbord, delighting the palates of foodies everywhere. The unique restaurant and brainchild of chefs Grant Achatz and Dave Beran features themed menus throughout the year and requires advanced-purchase tickets to dine. The Chicago Tribune’s food writer Phil Vettel recently reviewed the restaurant’s plant-based creations, declaring, “Nothing, not even the vegetable tasting menus that Charlie Trotter offered during his long career, compares to the vegan menu currently featured at Next.” The dinner is served over the course of four hours and includes rambutan with juice and Earl Grey tea custard centers and potato sorbet wrapped in crispy potato skins. Tickets for the vegan menu’s debut sold out in less than an hour after going on sale.


Photo credit: LuxQ

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