Vegan Business Conference Kicks Off in Austin, TX

Aspiring vegan entrepreneurs flock to Austin for an action-packed business bootcamp.


The final Vegan Professional Bootcamp of 2014 is slated for this weekend in the veg-friendly city of Austin, TX. Organized by consulting company, Vegan Mainstream, vegan business owners and budding entrepreneurs will gather for a day of inspirational lectures, workshops, and networking. The speaker lineup includes author Rip Esselstyn, Texas VegFest Executive Director Adrienne Lusk, and business strategist Rich GoldStein. Attendees will dive into such topics as social media strategies, how to reach non-vegan customers, and building revenue streams—and will be plugged into a post-event online community for additional support. Vegan Professional Bootcamps were also held in Toronto, Portland, and Colorado Springs earlier this year.

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