Shocking New Video: Animal Abuse at Chick-fil-A Chain

Shocking New Video: Animal Abuse at Chick-fil-A Chain

Mercy For Animals releases undercover footage exposing horrific abuse at farms supplying the country’s top chicken fast-food chain.


New video footage released by animal-welfare organization, Mercy For Animals (MFA), reveals the torture of animals at multiple suppliers for the country’s top-selling chicken fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A. Undercover investigators for MFA expose workers dragging chickens through an electrified vat of water, slicing open their throats and chests while still conscious, and scalding birds alive in hot water tanks. In the footage, a worker is caught on film saying that the “USDA could never see this”—referring to the number of roaches and maggots found in the chickens’ bodies. According to Dr. Sara Shields, a research scientist and animal welfare consultant at the University of California, “The slaughter of poultry in the United States is in dire need of reform. Transport, unloading, shackling, stunning. and slaughter itself are all sources of significant physical and psychological trauma.” MFA is encouraging Chick-fil-A to adopt stronger animal welfare standards.

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