101-Year-Old Heart Surgeon Fueled by Veganism

Centenarian doctor says a vegan lifestyle is his secret to longevity.


Want to know the secret to a long, productive life? According to Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, a 101-year-old doctor recently featured by CCTV America, the answer is veganism. Wareham, who retired only five years ago and still drives, said, “I’ve never cared for animal products” and that becoming vegan was “a very easy thing.” Wareham lives in Loma Linda, CA, one of the world’s five designated blue zones—or regions where people live longer than the general population. Studies have shown that the residents of these regions engage in more exercise, follow more plant-based diets, and participate in community activities. Loma Linda males live six to seven years longer than the average American male and Wareham, who has been vegan for half of his life, says, “I’m basically no different than I was 50 years ago.”