British Students Demanding More Veg Options Than Ever

British Students Demanding More Veg Options Than Ever

The official cookbook of one of the world’s top universities now strongly caters to herbivores.


According to The Simple Scoff, the annual student cookbook of the University of Warwick, British youth are demanding more meat-free options than ever before. More than half of the recently published 50th anniversary edition is made up of vegetarian and vegan dishes, a big change from previous editions. Incoming students get the book for free and can expect recipes for raw vegan pizza, Vegemite avocado toast, and chickpea meringues. It’s a clear sign of the shifting attitudes toward food, and the increasing consciousness of young eaters—once notorious for their reliance on microwaveable noodle cups, who are now opting for choices like raw zucchini spaghetti and chia seed pudding. “[Earlier versions of the cookbook] had a rather unenthusiastic section of vegetarianism,” professor and recipe compiler Rebecca Earles said, “saying it wasn’t really such a great idea but that if you absolutely didn’t want to eat meat there were a few suitable recipes on such and such pages.”

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