Bustle Debunks Dairy Myths In Recent Article

Bustle Debunks Dairy Myths In Recent Article

The millennial news and lifestyle site discusses nine supposed “truths” regarding milk and cheese.


Millennial news and lifestyle website Bustle promoted veganism in a story that dismissed nine common myths about dairy. Writer Rachel Krantz dispelled the notions that “milk is good for you,” “cows need to be milked anyway,” and “local dairy is good for the environment,” while covering the separation of calf and mother soon after the baby’s birth—and the role of feminism in dairy. “Until recently, I still believed that milk and yogurt were necessary for me to get enough calcium in my diet,” Krantz wrote. “I thought that since my organic milk didn’t have hormones, it was ethical and good for me.” The article also included a plethora of vegan tools such as graphics from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and One Green Planet; videos from Discovery News and Mercy For Animals; references to Elise Desaulniers’ book Cash Cow: Ten Myths About The Dairy Industry; a discussion about veganism between Katie Couric and Ellen DeGeneres; and a link to the iconic vegan film Earthlings.

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