Buzzfeed Video Introduces Bacon Lovers to a Piglet

Making the connection between food and animals gives participants perspective on where their food comes from.


In a recent Buzzfeed video, staffers were told they’d be participating in a gourmet bacon taste test but were instead introduced to a baby piglet. Prior to his introduction to the piglet, taste-tester Keith Habersberger said, “I never even thought about a world without bacon.” Across the board, all of the participants were ecstatic once the little piglet was brought out instead of bacon. Holding the piglet, Claudia Restrepo exclaimed, “Oh no! I will never ever have bacon again” while Zach Kornfeld says, “I had bacon a few days ago, but I don’t want to say it too loud.” As he cradles the piglet, Kornfeld ask himself, “Are my beliefs that fragile that holding one cute little thing in my arms will change everything I know?” He answers his question by saying, “Kinda. Yeah.” Furthermore, in a subdued tone, Chris Reinacher reacts by saying, “Bacon, steak … we look at those things as pieces of meat and not something that wants to snuggle in your arms.” Buzzfeed executive chairman Ken Lerer helped launch animal-activist focused site in 2014.

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