Mainstream Mondays!

VegNews’ editors bring you last week’s most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.

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The internet is abuzz with vegan activity, often from sources you wouldn’t expect. Whether it’s veg recipes featured on Yahoo!, the Buzzfeed staff going vegan for a week, or TIME raving about nutritional yeast, we love the growing presence of veganism in its various online permutations. With so much attention placed on cruelty-free living, we’ve decided to round-up the best vegan stories from around the web in a weekly feature we’re calling Mainstream Mondays.

Without further adieu, we give you this week’s Mainstream Mondays lineup!

 >> Dark chocolate fantasy tart
Bon Apétite shares a delectable recipe for a vegan dark chocolate tart with a salted-oat crust

>> Chickpea brine’s time to shine
The Guardian features our new favorite vegan hack aquafaba (aka chickpea brine) and says it whips perfectly into egg whites. Really? Yeah, vegans got that memo months ago

>> More vegan cheese, please
Slate gushes over vegan cheese. Writer LV Anderson samples Miyoko’s Kitchen’s cheeses and says, “If I were a perfectly moral person, I’d leave cheese off my plate”

>> Breakfast education
Bustle features dorm room vegan breakfast recipes such as raw buckwheat apple-walnut porridge, chia seed pudding, and chickpea salad to make cooking in college easier

>> Vegan Roadtrip
Los Angeles Times goes on a veg roadtrip identifying amazing plant-based restaurants around the country

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