Mainstream Mondays!

VegNews editors bring you last week’s most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.

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The internet is abuzz with vegan activity, often from sources you wouldn’t expect. Whether it’s veg recipes featured on Yahoo!, the Buzzfeed staff going vegan for a week, or TIME raving about nutritional yeast, we love the growing presence of veganism in its various online permutations. With so much attention placed on cruelty-free living, we’ve decided to round-up the best vegan stories from around the web in a weekly feature we’re calling Mainstream Mondays.

Without further adieu, we give you this week’s Mainstream Mondays lineup!

>> More reason to love the Stewarts
Tracey Stewart chats with The New York Times and reveals that her husband Jon Stewart (whom you may have heard of) is vegetarian

>> Cheesy popcorn sans cheese
Nutritional yeast, Aleppo pepper, and salt—ground and tossed with popcorn—is how Saveur rolls

>> Tal Ronnen’s flavor secrets revealed
ABC News features Los Angeles vegan chef Tal Ronnen, who they say “sacrifices animal products but not taste”
>> Finer vegan dining
Eater NY explains how Avant Garden is bringing their vegan fine-dining A game 
>> Meat-free muscle
Men’s Health points out that meat is unnecessary for muscle gain and turns to vegan bodybuilder as living proof

>> Food favorites, veganized!
Elite Daily veganizes 25 favorite foods from S’mores Waffles to White Bean and Mushroom Meatball Subs … and so much more