NYC Burger Joint Creates Vegan Pizza Salad

NYC Burger Joint Creates Vegan Pizza Salad

According to reports, this vegan salad tastes just like pizza.


According to New York Magazine food blog Grub Street, New York City vegetarian restaurant Superiority Burger created a “salad” that tastes exactly like a cold slice of pizza. The dish was invented around a discovery that diced tomatoes—when cooked slowly with garlic, olive oil, black pepper, and fennel seed—replicated the taste of Italian sausage. The spiced tomatoes, combined with pickled banana peppers, almond ricotta, fresh basil, and toasted breadsticks create a flavor combination reminiscent of a cold slice of (vegan) pizza. The recently opened establishment, dubbed, “The Vegetarian Shake Shack” by The New York Times, is known for its experimental approach to food, with menu items often being added on a whim mid-meal.

Photo by New York Magazine

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